UK Fake Patek Philippe With Estimated Highest Price In Asian Auction History

Christie’s is pleased to present the private collector’s collection of perfect Patek Philippe replica watches and the lowest estimated price is as high as 12,000,000 US dollars. These precious models are collected by a superior collector of Patek Philippe during 20 years, containing classic, modern and contemporary models.

The special tonneau case endows the timepiece with distinctive appearance.
Titanium Case Copy Patek Philippe Ref.5033

Numerous watch collectors and watch lovers are eager for these precious imitation watches of Patek Philippe. One of the eye-catching one is the distinctive one with tonneau case which is equipped with complicated functions including the perpetual calendar and minutes repeater. It was manufactured in about 2003.

The rubies hour markers make the watches more eye-catching.
Gold Bracelet Replica Patek Philippe Ref.3448

The other one is the gold case one equipped with perpetual calendar, moon phase and rubies hour markers which was created in 1965. The estimated price is from 3,900,000-6,200,000 HKD.

Blue Blood – Patek Philippe – World Well-known Watch Brand UK

Patek Philippe is a famous and luxurious watch brand. Born in 1839, this watch brand was established by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe. So far, it has more than 80 patents.

Victoria is the customer of Patek Philippe.
Victoria With Patek Philippe

For hundreds of years, many famous people are the customers of Patek Philippe, including members of the royal family like Victoria, film stars and rich merchants. Einstein is of one of the customers.

Einstein is the customer of Patek Philippe.
Einstein With Patek Philippe

This watch brand is praised as “Blue Blood”. Many watch collectors consider marvelous watches fake Patek Philippe are the most valuable.

The perfect replica watches will never be out of date. There is a classic advertising commendary – “You never actually own a Patek Philippe.You merely look after it for the next generation.”