UK Bell & Ross Belly Tanker Chronograph Imitation Watches For Men

The fashion trend of retro watches affects the design direction of Swiss watch brands. A lot of brands relatively put forward retro types to cater to the needs of watch market. New Bell & Ross replica watches with self-winding movements are affected by this trend.

Imitation watches with bronze cases are retro.
Brown Leather Straps Bell & Ross Belly Tanker Imitation Watches

Cooperated with “Revolution”, the EI Mirage watch is inspired by Burke’s P51 Mustang fighter mailbox.

Fake watches for men are stylish.
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  • Brown Dials Bell & Ross Belly Tanker Dusty Fake Watches

Cooperated with “The Rake”, they together launches Dusty watches which is named after Dusty, the dry lake where Bill Burke, an American speed madman, often races cars.

For fashion lovers, two retro watches have important meanings, making people surprised. Even in “The Rake”, the collation of two watches is also recommended.